One of our Literacy programs is : Read with children at Muldoon Elementary school.


It is an ongoing program started few years ago and still one of the most beloved projects of our Members. This year the project will be under the chair of Linda Kupers and the help of other  Club members. Once a week, for the entire "day activities" calendar of the school year, our volunteers will gather at the School Library and by reading with the children, on the same time they will entice children on reading aloud by their own.

There is a line on our Club budget with the funds for snacks for the young readers  and of course for the purchase of always new books which at the end will stay in the school library ..

The program is a success, not only as defined by our Club but from reliable witnesses as you can see from a letter we just received from the Librarian of Muldoon Elementary school.  Go to the "downloads" tab on our website and get the article with pictures and attachements.